The Refilling

It was midnight, and the gas station seemed almost deserted.

“Give me 10 minutes, Lydia. I’ll come and talk to you!” I told my woman over the phone, as I got out of my car. “Please don’t push me away like that! If you leave me, I will fall apart. I’ll do anything to make you love me again!” I kept talking frantically until I realized that she had already hung up on me.  I was just about to redial her number, when an old man came up to me, asking for a lift. He was in a completely tasteless, shining, white outfit with no contrast what-so-ever. He seemed too feeble to hurt and was so deficient of energy that even though he said he was in a rush, I sensed not a speck of adrenaline.  I politely nodded my head with a slight smile and then, just helplessly waited for the gas to fill. There was no point in calling Lydia, anymore. I couldn’t have talked freely with her, now that I had company. And she was just not ready to make things okay! I was still lost in my own thoughts when I realized that…

The Same Behavior

There, again.
I saw the old couple I would always see on that street.

The same behavior.

Never had I seen her leading; in front of him
and never had I seen him letting her carry any of those heavy bags.

And though people derived all sorts of unhealthy conclusions from the way they walked together,

I, in my heart, knew that the young hip-grabbing couple would never understand
that it was all about the GIVE AND TAKE.

The Journey to Your Core

When you lie down on the crisp fresh grass,
let the Earth make you hers.

Your heart extends its roots through you,
firmly into the soil.

Once gripped tight, you are connected.
Connected- not superficially, but deeper than the roots of any aged tree.

Penetrating the crust, into the heavy rocks.
Making their way out, from in between them

And breaking them if in the way.
Further below, till they find the core.

And while you are still looking at the eagles,
Soaring sky high.

Your roots touch the Heat you were born from,
In the Core of the Earth.

We are to make Sense

I have just begun with a new blog -
This blog will also become active soon again <3 EXCITED?

Thank You

Netra's feelings on the 100th post:
So this was it. Khyati di was shutting down her blog (at least for a while) and I thought about this a few times.
I said to myself that she will soon be busy and won't find enough time. Something inside me told me that this couldn't be happening!
Then I convinced myself that she was doing this for her own good and will come back at some point!
I want to thank each and everybody who has put in their time to read our blog. And a huge thanks to all of you amazing followers as well!

And since this is our 100th and last post I want to say a huge goodbye to everyone!

My feelings on the 100th post:
Hey! I am so happy to announce that we have just completed our 100 posts. I am doing my 12th class and so would have to leave but I got an amazing crew who can keep resharing my blog! <3
My blog is something that expanded so much for an ordinary girl like me. I never believed or imagined that I could REALLY make something that would affect so many …

Stop Glorifying 'Busy'

My grandma sat right across the table from me, quite 'healthy' but unfit.

I was busy with my textbook for my exam the next day and she was weakly lifting her glasses, shrinking her eyes, looking at the cell phone, maybe trying to call someone.

I couldnt pay attention to her as I had a crucial exam the next day which would determine my life chances in the future, but I could see her from the corner of my eye.

She called someone
No answer.
No answer.

"Is the phone not working?" she asked, being from the generation that trusted their people more than technology.

"No, dadi. It is perfectly fine." I said, smiling faintly.
She trusted her people and so, believed me without a word, but kept the phone away, anyway.

She sat still for a minute and then, reached out for the phone again.
After all, she had been busy all her life, like I was at that time. She had to keep herself busy that day too.

This time, the phone was answered.
I could make that out from …

I want to

(I poem I wrote as a kid. Have a good laugh!)

I wanna write something nice
With a bit of spice

I wanna write something good
About someone's livelihood

I wanna weave a story
About something that's funny

Or maybe something tragic
And how about some magic?

I wanna use some phrases
That go on till many races

I wanna give life to my writing
With the right words I'm finding

Finally I wanna compile it all
And write a book, quite small

I wanna sweat getting it published
I want it to be on everyone's wish list

I want it to be proud
And stand rest from the crowd

I want my loved ones to be happy
Who once saw my in the nappy

I want my best friend to boast
For helping me at any cost

I want the people I know
To respect me even more

I want the world to know when I die
But I don't want it to make them cry

I want them to be happy for my life
and contribution to literature

And I never want them to forget my stories
even if they forgot my physical features.